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Joint Pain?

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Why Dr. Ryan Nelson?

There are many great orthopedic surgeons, choose Dr. Nelson who you can count on for Availability, Accountability, and Ability. Availability in the fact that Dr. Nelson will always do his best to make patients and referring physicians easy access to care. Accountability will be shown to his patients by yearly publications of his results right here on the website. Ability is hard to judge by patients and referring physician's, but quotes from world renown surgeons like "He is an excellent fellow Very pleasant to work with - excellent surgical skills" and "You really are spectacular and are already a terrific surgeon.  Hope to cross paths again in the future." Dr. Nelson looks forward to doing the greatest amount of good for the greatest amount of people.

Greater Michigan Orthopedics

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World Class

After growing up in Flushing, MI Ryan went on to pursue a Biology degree from University of Michigan. During his time in college Ryan met the team at Greater Michigan Orthopedics where he started working as a medical assistant, which sparked his passion for orthopedics. Dr. Ryan Nelson received his osteopathic medical degree from Midwestern University in Chicago, IL. He returned to Grand Blanc in 2011 for residency here at Genesys where he spent 5 years and served on many committees and chief resident 2015-2016. After residency he continued his training for an additional year in Boston at the New England Baptist Hospital and Boston Children's Hospital. While at these Harvard hospitals, Ryan served as team Doctor for Merrimack College and the Boston Celtics. He was clinical faculty for Tufts University Medical School, and published many research projects. He returns to Grand Blanc to serve the community where he was raised. 

Cutting Edge Non-operative Treatments

  • Cellular based Therapies​

    • This includes PRP and other treatments. Come learn about the truth about "stem cells" and many things people try and sell you for the treatment of your pain.

  • Ultrasound Guided Hip, Knee and Shoulder

    • Maximizing accuracy and minimizing your pain.​

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopic Surgery

- Minimally Invasive


- Utilizing the most cutting edge technology


- Hip Arthroscopy and Labral reconstruction

- Shoulder arthroplasty and Revisions

- Rotator Cuff/Impingement


- Rotator Cuff Reconstruction

- Shoulder instability


- ACL and complex ligament injuries of the knee

- Cartilage transplant and joint preservation

- Total Knee Replacement

- Anterior Total Hip Replacement

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